Workshops for exhibitions of contemporary art at the State Hermitage Museum
The Student Centre of the State Hermitage museum,
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The Student Centre of the State Hermitage museum creates educational programs for the exhibitions of modern and contemporary art in the General staff building and the Winter Palace. Within each program there are workshops in which participants create a project dedicated to the exhibition.
Our projects:
project for the exhibition
"Tony cragg. sculptures and drawings"
27.02 - 31.03.2016

The Project includes a month of lectures and practical activities concerned with contemporary sculpture, collaboration of form and sound. 14 young musicians, sculptors and students of artistic universities were involved.
The main task was a research of syncretic collaboration of sculpture and sound. Students were also engaged in creating media-poetry, electronic and noise music. As a result, 9 audio-interpretations of Tony Cragg's sculpture and "introvert" party were born.
project for the exhibition
"Tony cragg. sculptures and drawings"
Educational program for senior high school students
12.03 - 16.04.2016

Throughout six workshops we have talked about development of a sculpture from the Stone Age till nowadays, about materials, types, techniques and how to analyze contemporary sculpture in the context of Tony Cragg's works temporary exhibition. As a result participants of this program have interpreted one of sculptures in a dialogue with each other. Dialogues have been recorded with the professional video equipment, and now they are uploaded onto all official social nets of the Student Centre of the State Hermitage Museum.

"Golden Generation. Modernism in Finnish Architecture and Design"
During two weeks 15 participants of the project selected through the open competition took the intensive course that included the exhibition visiting, the history of modernist architecture class as well as the class explaining the way architecture is portrayed in the cinema, the cinematography and script-writing class, seminars where they exchanged the opinions and experiences. The participants of the project were supposed to use the knowledge they accumulated during this time for creating the concept of short film, where the modernist building would become the center of the narration. The third week was dedicated entirely to the shooting of the selected buildings.
"Zaha Hadid at the state hermitage"
Senses. Dynamic. Substance. Inspired by Zaha Hadid
Inspired by Zaha Hadid exhibition, 10 students their own architectural concepts. They worked under the direction of experienced architects and constructors.
This program lasted three weeks, the time during which participants visited lectures, constructor master-classes and other activities and created their own vision of famous architect's creations.
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